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发布日期:2017-12-19 16:18     

The Registration Notice of Photography Contest for International Students in Liuzhou—— “Liuzhou Through My Eyes”



To show the full city appearance and colorful ethnic culture of Liuzhou, and to promote international cultural exchange as well as enhance the understanding of Liuzhou,  Liuzhou Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Liuzhou City Vocational College decided to hold Photography Contest for International Students in Liuzhou , themed “Liuzhou Through My Eyes”.


一、参赛对象  Participants


International Students of the colleges and universities in Liuzhou


二、组织机构  Organizers


Liuzhou Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

Liuzhou City Vocational College


三、具体要求  Details

(一)作品内容  Contents

本次摄影大赛主题为我眼中的柳州 凡是反映柳州风光、文化氛围、民俗风情、经济社会发展等方面的摄影作品或随看随拍的手机影像均可参赛。可以是景物摄影,也可以人景结合、以景为主。作品题材、形式、风格不限。

The theme of the contest is "Liuzhou Through My Eyes".The photos could be taken by professional cameras or even mobile phones as long as it aims to reflect beautiful scenery, culture, folk customs, economic and social development of Liuzhou. It could be scenery photography, or combined with portrait photography. There are no restrictions on subjectsforms and styles.


(二)作品要求  Requirements

1. 摄影要客观真实,积极向上,突出思想性、艺术性、时代性。作品须为作者本人原创,严禁转载、抄袭、套改,参赛作品仅可做适当剪裁,适度对白平衡、色阶、对比度、色彩饱和度、锐度进行调整,不得做任何改变拍摄原貌的合成、添加等技术处理不接受经电脑特技合成制作的照片。

The photography content should be objective,realistic and positive, showing thoughtfulness, artistry and contemporary characteristics. All the content should be original , and reprint, reproduced, copied ones are prohibited. The proper cropping, white balance, color saturation, and sharpness adjustments are allowed. The process of filming the original composition, addition of after-application or other technologies, synthesis by special computer graphic productions are not accepted.

2. 选手可以以单个作品或多个作品参加(不超过三个),彩色、黑白均可,在邮件内注明姓名、所在学校、通讯地址和联系方式,每张照片附并附照片100字以内的简要说明参赛作品只需上传JPG格式的图片电子源文件,每张图片大小不小于1M,统一按作者姓名-《作品名称》的形式命名  

Each participant is allowed to collect one or more pictures (maximum 3 pictures)both colored or black and white are allowed .Each photo is attached with a brief description within 100 words and the participants name, school, address and contact information should be indicated in the email. All the photos need to be uploaded in JPG format, the size is not less than 1M and the photo should be saved under the name format of  Participant Name- Photo Title .


This competition is free of charge, and all the photo entries will not be returned to the participants. The organizers shall enjoy the right to use (including exhibition, display on-line, press release, printed publicity brochures, etc.) without paying any remunerations.

4. 所有参赛作品如涉及著作权、版权、肖像权或名誉权纠纷,均由作者本人负责。一经参赛将视作同意本条款。

Photographers are responsible for the photo entries, if it is involved in the disputation of copyright,portrait right or reputation .Once submitting your photography, you are agree to the clauses mentioned above.


     (三)奖项设置   Prizes

一等奖:2名   1st prizetwo people; 

二等奖:5名   2nd prize (five people); 

三等奖:10名   3nd prize (ten people).


(四)征集时间   Deadlines


December 16th2017-December 26th2017


(五)征集方式:  Contact Information

所有作品发至邮箱:lcvcfao@sina.com ;联系电话:0772-5331002

E-mail         lcvcfao@sina.com ;

Contact phone number 0772-5331002.


四、作品评选  Evaluation


届时组织机构将请摄影专家对参赛作品进行评选,评出一、二、三等奖,在外事办网站公布获奖名单,并予以一定奖励(一等奖:2名,奖金100元; 二等奖5名,奖金80元;三等奖:10名,奖金50)

All the photo entries will be judged by experts and the winner will be listed on Liuzhou Foreign Affairs website.Winners will be receiving the following awards and prizes:

      1st prize2RMB 100 yuan

       2nd prize (5)  RMB 80 yuan

       3nd prize (10)  RMB 50 yuan.



All the international students are expected to take active part in the photography contest!







Liuzhou Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office


Liuzhou City Vocational College


December 15, 2017